Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shopping and Dining Out

Heather came to Anaheim on Wednesday. We got to go shopping for art supplies. Our favorite place is Art Supply Warehouse. Then we went to Pearl in Huntington Beach only to find it had closed. The building was empty except for a few stray cardboard boxes. So another one bites the dust.

On Tuesday night we went to the Asian Buffet in Buena Park CA. It's one of my favorite all you can eat restaurants. And believe me, we ate all we could. Heather's going to have to work out a lot when she gets back to Atascadero. Between Halloween and relatives, I think all of us have eaten too much lately. I'm sure Heather will hit the gym as soon as she gets home, and I need to walk a lot more while the weather is still so beautiful out.


Maybe I should have named this blog Heather Does Weddings. Her wedding photography business is going well. She even booked a wedding on Halloween day at a cemetary.

So if you need a wedding photographer anywhere between Paso Robles CA and Santa Maria, CA you might leave me a comment here and I'll pass it on.

Here is Heather dressed as a French photographer for Halloween.